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Why PRYORity Training and Development?

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We have been designing and developing instructional materials for over 25 years, starting with the technologies of video/workbooks, audiotape, 8 & 16mm film, and 35mm slide multi-image. In 1985, we started to work with a brand new, innovative technology, computer-based training and the tools we worked with were the state-of-the art Apple IIc and the original IBM PC.

We have been using state-of-the-art training development technology ever since. But, all of this advanced technology is useless without the skills to identify learning goals and to develop effective training materials that actually help students to achieve those goals.

PRYORity Training and Development is foremost
a Training and Development Firm.

Some of the Advantages of partnering with PRYORity Training and Development to develop your training materials:
  • We are both Educators AND Developers
  • We are the people doing the work (we do not "farm-out" the design/development and charge a "management fee")
  • What we teach in our classes, we learned by using the software products to actually develop training materials..