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PRYORity Training and Development Services At a Glance

Training and Development Assistance
  • Individual or Group Instruction of Multimedia Development Tools
  • Individual or Group Instruction of Instructional Design & Development
  • One-to-One Assistance with Multimedia, Authoring and Development

Custom Interactive Multimedia Development Including eLearning and mLearning

  • Custom Developed Multimedia Training and Communication
  • Custom Developed Intranet/Internet Training and Communication

Courseware Conversion

  • Conversion of Existing Training/Communication Materials into MMCBT / ICW / Web-Based Training / eLearning / mLearning.

Media Development

  • Graphic/Photographic Production, Audio Recording and Editing, and Video Script Writing and Production, 2-D and 3-D Animation

Additional Development Services

  • Instructional Design, Project Management, Content Development (Writing), and Instructional Program Evaluation