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Dreamweaver MX - Inside Macromedia Book


The Book "Dreamweaver MX - Inside Macromedia"

Dreamweaver MX Book

Dreamweaver MX - Inside Macromedia

Authors: Julia Belinski, Charles F. Belinski
Published: Fall, 2002 by Delmar Publishers
ISBN: 1-4018-1435-2

Bring your PC- or Mac- based web development skills to the next level! Extensively updated to assist users in optimizing the latest features and functions, Dreamweaver MX provides readers with ample opportunities to explore the ins and outs of creating the structures needed in real-world applications. Using a hands-on learning approach, the book begins by familiarizing readers with the Dreamweaver MX graphic user interface, as well as the basics of successful Web page development. Numerous practice exercises easily guide users through the process of learning how to work with text, graphics, templates, libraries, tables, and frames.

The Application Chapters will challenge you to combine the knowledge and techniques acquired from several previous chapters and apply your newly developed skill to create a “real-world” Dreamweaver web site.

The book also includes a CD-ROM containing all the supporting files necessary for the exercises contained in the book.

To order your book, select Contact Us at the bottom of this page. The book is also available at Borders Book Stores, many Computer Supply stores and on-line at Amazon and Delmar-Thomson Learning.


  • a practical, reality-based approach focuses on the kinds of project objectives, development issues, and Dreamweaver MX functionality required of business and professional Web sites.
  • HTML code that Dreamweaver automatically generates "behind the scenes" as users build Web pages is explained, making this book ideal for beginning through intermediate users.
  • helpful tips, shortcuts, and storyboard are included
  • a CD-ROM containing all of the supporting files needed is also included, giving readers an inside track to new Web design and productions skills

Dreamweaver 4 - Inside Macromedia is also available for the previous version of Dreamweaver. ISBN: 0-7668-2004-1